Ep 130 Lori “ICE” Fetrick (American Gladiators)

Lori “Ice” Fetrick talks American Gladiators, the Netflix documentary “Muscles & Mayhem”, & more!

Lori spent 5 seasons on the hit competition TV show American Gladiators, toured with the American Gladiators arena tour live , and was part of Orlando live and International Gladiators.

Netflix has a new five-part Netflix documentary series titled “Muscles and Mayhem: An Unauthorized Story of American Gladiators” which takes viewers behind the scenes of the competition series and shows the rise and fall of the show.

Lori also has a podcast called “Chilin With Ice” where she talks all things gladiators with the gladiators themself.

We discuss all of this plus some of Lori’s backstory and more!

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