Ep 148 Billy Sheehan (Mr. Big, The Winery Dogs, David Lee Roth)

Billy Sheehan joins me while on tour with Mr. Big to discuss the "Big Finish Tour" Talas, the David Lee Roth Band, forming Mr. Big, bass playing and a lot more!

Billy Sheehan is a highly acclaimed bassist known for his playing style and innovative techniques. he began his musical career in the 1970s, gaining recognition for his work with the band Talas. However, he became widely known for his tenure with David Lee Roth's solo band in the mid-1980s, where his energetic bass lines and flashy stage presence earned him a reputation as one of rock's premier bassists.

Billy co-founded Mr. Big in 1988. With Mr. Big, Billy further showcased his bass skills, contributing to hits like "To Be with You." The band achieved considerable commercial success and earned Billy even more recognition within the music industry.

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