Zinny Zan (Zinny Zan, formerly Shotgun Messiah, Easy Action)

The year 1989 gave us some amazing debut records from bands like Skid Row, Bang Tango and Extreme just to name a few. We also saw the debut record from a band from Sweden called Shotgun Messiah. Shotgun Messiah was led by singer Zinny Zan and quickly made a name for themselves with MTV hits such as Don’t Care About Nothing and Shout It Out. Shotgun Messiah was short lived as Zinny Zan left the band a year later. Fast forward 30 some years and Zinny now has a new record coming out called “Lullabies for the masses” and new single called “Heartbreak City” which is out now! I had the chance to sit down with Zinny and discuss all of this and more on this episode of the Rock N Roll & Coffee Show.

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